Introducing 88mph new multisig signers

Author: 0xmcfly.eth

Alongside 8RC-7: 88mph Tokenomics 2.0, allow us to introduce you to 88mph Governance 2.0.

We are happy to announce that after much discussion and consideration we have established an initial set of 88mph signers to update the multisig governance treasury to a 6/9 signers structure.

Multisig signers

88mph team:

  • Zefram - Lead dev
  • Szeth - Frontend dev
  • Mathieu Baril - 88mph advisor - ex. strat lead at Zapper
  • McFly - Lead product/community dev

External signers:

  • Mark Richardson - Head of research Bancor
  • Dan Matuszewski - Founder CMS Holdings
  • Felix Hartmann - Founder Hartmann capital
  • Simone Pomposi - Head of marketing Fantom foundation.
  • 0xMaki - Co-founder & advisor SushiSwap and TokenReactor

The governance treasury wallet is the main multisig of 88mph, its signers are initially determined by the team but xMPH holders have the ‘Change Multisig Signers’ power and can update the signers later through an election.

This 6/9 multisig is given power over the governance treasury wallet controlling all the 88mph’s smart contracts architecture and the funds held.

Those signers have been chosen within the 88mph community to be globally distributed, have created significant value for 88mph, and proven their talent, commitment, work ethic, and execution ability in the DeFi ecosystem.

Some of the short-term outcomes of this implementation are:

  • The creation of a multisig discretionary fund controlled by 88mph core team to handle the community expenses of the next 3-4 months related to community grants, and liquidity mining programs. Expect a drastic improvement towards more transparent accountancy reports after the Tokenomics 2.0 vote.
  • New proposals for asset additions, protocol parameter upgrades, grants, or new resources allocations from the treasury.

Decisions issued by 88mph team or via community proposals will be executed on-chain by the multisig until a more decentralized system is approved for implementation.

Required actions

  • Add all the new signers to the multisig. Should be done by EOW.
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