FTM Rewards: What to do?

Hi all
The team applied to the Fantom Incentive Program (https://fantom.foundation/blog/fantom-incentive-program-how-to-apply/) and we got it!

Now we need to reach 5M of TVL on Fantom for it to work.

We also need to discuss what to do with the FTM rewards.

I suggest we accumulate the FTM in the treasury, stake it and buy MPH for xMPH stakers with the rewards. Doing so, we won’t dump the reward and we will give value to xMPH.

Let’s start the discussion. :slightly_smiling_face:


Love the idea of adding them to the treasury and using the rewards.

I think using these rewards to increase the APR for xMPH holders is a misuse of funds. Aside from increased APR for xMPH holders, what do we gain as a protocol from doing this?

I’d rather see them used to increase the TVL on Fantom, which ultimately is how 88mph generates revenue to distribute to xMPH holders. We could also lower MPH emissions on Fantom (coming soon) compared to other chains by including a dual FTM reward for depositors, which would ultimately be a good thing.

Just my 2 wei

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Interesting, how would you use the reward to increase the TVL ? Put the reward in WFTM scream ?
This could be a good win win. The treasury would be investing in the protocol with the reward. I like the idea. I think the only thing I want to make sure is to keep the Fantom so Fantom Foundation don’t see us dumping the reward we just got. Good relationship in crypto is always good.

I see your point, but I personally find it’s similar to the meta governance idea that has been floating around. I think FTM is going to be a big player in GameFi so I see a lot of upside in holding it and putting it to use over time rather than distributing or dumping it.

Perhaps there is a middle ground that could be proposed where we can determine allocations that could be used to fund different programs? Maybe there is a way we can all have our cake and eat it too?

Correct me if Im wrong @Szeth but we would not dump the FTM but the treasury would actually buy MPH position with it. The reward would automatically go to xMPH.

Sorry if I misunderstood. I was under the impression that the original idea was to stake FTM to receive additional FTM rewards (from staking) and sell those rewards to buy MPH to be distributed to xMPH holders. If that’s incorrect, please correct me!

In my opinion, any action we take as a DAO should be done to maximize the long-term growth, viability, and sustainability of the protocol. There are so many things we can and probably should be doing to accomplish those things.

Here are some examples of ways that those funds could be better used (in my opinion):

  • Meta governance (only if it makes sense for us to hold a specific asset).
  • Protocol owned liquidity. If you haven’t looked at what Olympus Dao is doing, I suggest taking a look.
  • Treasury diversification. We should own non-MPH assets (e.g. ETH, DAI, etc) to survive a potential bear market where the price of MPH is significantly depressed.
  • Incentivize TVL growth. By using FTM and/or MPH tokens as incentives for FIRB deposits, we can growth TVL on Fantom.

As an xMPH holder myself, I do want to see the staking APR increase. However, I would rather receive a 0% APR for staking MPH knowing that the reward I would have received is funding initiatives that support the long term goals of the protocol.

At the end of the day, we’re a $30M market cap project. We should think of ourselves as a seed-stage startup and heavily invest in our own growth as it likely has the highest expected return of any action we could possibly take. If we hold FTM, we’re signaling that we think holding/staking FTM has a higher expected return than other possible actions that we could take.

Lastly, I’m only a single opinion. Please take with a grain of salt and call me out if I’m way off base.

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Hey Szeth

You are 100% and we are align on what the goal should be. I did create the 8RC-6 about meta-governance. I personally think that holding some FTM would be a good way to diversify our treasury.

We could stake the FTM and keep the FTM that we get in reward.
We could stake the FTM and buy MPH with the FTM reward we get.
We could deposit FTM in the protocol with SCREAM.
We can sell the reward.
We can give the reward to people that deposit TVL in MPH on Fantom.

These are some actions we could do. I personally like the idea of depositing FTM in the protocol. We could maybe use the MPH that we earn to buy LP of MPH which I agree with you is a really good idea. Buying our own LP is a no brainer from my point of view.

I thing we are align. I would like to get more opinions for our community. :slight_smile:

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Its great to see this working out! Congrats on 5 mil TVL on Fantom!

I understand the concept of LP tokens and I am familiar with OHM (well really TIME)

So in this scenario if I wanted to buy MPH at a discount I could lock the LP into the MPH protocol? Meanwhile, MPH is paying for this by staking FTM in the protocol the same as everyone else to earn rewards?

Assuming the FTM price stays the same & we don’t end up getting to the next tranche of rewards we’d make like 400k USD/year to buy LPs right? That seems like a good starting point to me!

Would we keep regular staking as well? Just add this discounted bond feature?